Chiweenie Temperament

The Chiweenie is an adorable mixed breed dog. They are a cross between the Chihuahua and Dachshund dog breeds. Chiweenies are compact, energetic, and loyal. They have inherited some of the best traits from both parents.

Chiweenies are charming, small, and compact dogs. These little fellows have an alert expression and a spunky attitude. Chiweenies are curious and willful dogs with big personalities. This makes them the most fun and loyal companions. 

Chiweenies have several other names including Choxie, Weeniehuahua, the German Taco, and the Mexican Hot Dog.

Dog Breed GroupMixed breed dogs
TemperamentEnergetic, loyal, confident, and playful 
Coat LengthShort to long
Average Height6 to 10 inches
Average Weight 5 to 12 pounds
Life Expectancy12-16 Years
Exercise RequirementsModerate
Social/Attention NeedsModerate
Overall Grooming NeedsModerate

Temperament and Personality of Chiweenies

Chiweenies are often described as “spunky dogs.” Although they are the size of your average lap dog, these dogs have big personalities. They have high energy levels and enjoy games like fetch.   

Chiweenies are smart, loyal, playful, stubborn, and lively dogs. These affectionate dogs make good companions for families. They can be stubborn and often difficult to house train. Chiweenies are best suited to smaller families as they demand quite a lot of attention.

Chiweenies share the following temperament:

  • Courageous: The Chiweenies display a courageous temperament and remind people of a much larger dog. They are capable of taking on animals larger than they are. Chiweenies will do anything to protect their family if they feel like their owners are in danger.
  • Barkers: Chiweenies often bark loudly despite their small size. They have a tendency toward excessive barking. Many pet parents consider them to be yappy dogs. Early socialization and obedience training can help curb Chiweenie barking.
  • Watchdogs and Territorial: While owning a Chiweenie, you won’t need a doorbell. These dogs are great watchdogs and know how to guard their territory. Chiweenies are always quick to sound an alarm.
  • Greedy: Chiweenies are small dogs with high appetites. Overfeeding Chiweenies can cause them excessive weight gain. An overweight Chiweenie cannot live for long because his back can’t hold excess mass.
  • Stubborn: These dogs are stubborn and tough to train, just like their parents. Giving up is not at all their character! These little dogs’ll do everything to get what they want. Chiweenies are difficult to house train.
  • Playful: Chiweenies are highly playful dogs. Fetch, frisbee toss, and ball games with kids will keep them happy and engaged. These playful dogs will enjoy spending time and playing with their human companions. Chiweenies must be taught to play nicely from puppyhood.
  • Intelligent: Chiweenies are intelligent and smart dogs. They have a reasonably good memory. They can read and react appropriately to human gestures. 
  • Kid-friendly: These dogs are not suitable in a household with small children. Chiweenies are friendly with children but should still be supervised during playtime.
  • Dog-friendly: They are moderately friendly towards other dogs. If a Chiweenie is angry being around other dogs, then it is because it wasn’t introduced to them early. 
  • Stranger-friendly: When it comes to strangers, Chiweenies are very protective. They tend to bark at strangers and unfamiliar people.
  • Sensitive: Chiweenies are emotionally delicate breeds and are very sensitive. When touched unknowingly, these little dogs can give you a dirty look. They cannot easily handle inconsistent routines and noisy and chaotic households.
  • Affectionate: Chiweenies are incredibly loving and affectionate to the entire family. If socialized properly in puppyhood, they make a superb family dog.
  • Tolerates being alone: These charming little dogs love attention. It is not a good idea to leave Chiweenies all by themselves as you go for a walk or to work. If you should leave them, it should not be more than four hours. When left alone, Chiweenies tend to be anxious, bored, and lonely and could become problematic and destructive. 
  • Prey drive: Dachshunds have a strong prey drive and are natural hunters. This trait might pass on to some Chiweenies. Most of them seem to have lost the hunting tendencies of their Dachshund parents. The usual Chiweenies now show little interest in hunting.
  • Loyal: Chiweenies are loyal and betrayal is not their attribute. They like being around their owners and that’s why they don’t make good dogs when left alone. 

How to have a well-rounded Chiweenie?

Let’s face it! All dogs are different! Here are a few ideas that you can take to ensure that your Chiweenie will grow up to be a friendly and well-rounded dog:

  • Like all dogs, Chiweenies need early socialization and exposure to many different people, animals, places, sounds, and sights during puppyhood. 
  • Give your Chiweenies a lot of love and attention. Make sure to spend time regularly with your furry pal.
  • You should remove their excess energy. Games like fetch, nose games, hide-and-seek are great ways to remove pent up energy in Chiweenies. These activities will keep your pet busy and make them more responsive.
  • Socialization and training a Chiweenie takes time and effort. You need to be patient with your furry friend. 
  • Use positive reinforcement techniques to reward the positive behavior of your dog. Chiweenies feel special every time they are rewarded with praises and rewards.
  • Dogs thrive on physical and mental stimulation. Challenge your dog with different activities, interactive toys, and challenges.
  • You need to be consistent with your dog. Lack of consistency might reinforce the negative behavior. 

Many behavioral problems have a root in a dog’s early upbringing. Set limits from the start and your Chiweenie will be a wonderful companion. 

Parting Shot On Chiweenies 

Do you want to have a loving and loyal companion to spend time with? What are you waiting for? Grab your Chiweenies and then see the magic. This little fellow will steal your heart with its cuteness, loyalty, and funny antics. These small-bodied and playful dogs possess all qualities that make them the ideal dogs to raise.

If you have any further questions about Chiweenies, please do not hesitate to ask.

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