Chiweenie Barking

If you are a Chiweenie parent, you know that these dogs are notorious barkers. They usually bark a lot and are very expressive. Once your Chiweenie starts barking, it becomes difficult to quiet them.

What are the reasons for Chiweenie barking?

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why a Chiweenie barks:

  • Chiweenies bark as a result of the characteristics inherited from parent breeds. The Chiweenie is a cross between a Dachshund and Chihuahua. Both parent breeds have high barking potential.
  • Chiweenies sometimes bark out of boredom. They enjoy playing and spending time with their human family. If Chiweenies don’t get enough physical activity and mental stimulation, they get bored and start barking. Chiweenies often turn that extra energy into barking.
  • Chiweenies are social dogs and need the attention of their human companions. If they are kept alone for an extended time, Chiweenies may start barking to draw some attention. 
  • If Chiweenies lack socialization and don’t have enough exposure to the outside world, they tend to bark at everything that moves. 
  • Small breeds like Chiweenies have one small downside, the little dog syndrome. Some Chiweenies develop small dog syndrome and tend to bark at visitors and other dogs. 
  • Your Chiweenie may be barking because it’s full of energy and playing around with its owner. This is often called a ‘playful bark.’

No matter how happy-go-lucky your Chiweenie is, they all get uneasy, anxious, and stressed from time to time. Chiweenies will start barking more often when under stress. This is often called ‘distress barking.’

Keep in mind that barking is natural and a means for your Chiweenie to communicate and express themselves.

How to Manage Excessive Barking in Chiweenies

There are several ways to address the excessive barking in Chiweenies. The best way to stop barking is to prevent this habit in the first place. Try to figure out potential causes of barking in Chiweenies. Here are some tips to help you stop excessive barking in Chiweenies.

  • Remove the stimulus

Block your Chiweenie’s sight to potential barking triggers. If your Chiweenie keeps barking when it sees something outside, make a barrier to remove the stimulus. 

  • Teach quiet command

Train your Chiweenie to stop barking using a command or sound. ‘Speak command’ and ‘quiet command’ are quite helpful to control excessive barking in Chiweenies. These commands are useful to train your Chiweenies to be quiet on command. Stay patient and consistent until your Chiweenie learns it completely.

  • Challenge your Chiweenie physically and mentally 

Excessive barking in Chiweenies is often the result of excess energy. Your Chiweenie might need physical activities and mental stimulation to release its pent-up. Give your Chiweenie enough activities to reduce their physical or mental imbalance.

  • Rule out anxiety

Chiweenies who suffer from anxiety might bark excessively. They need love, care, and extra support. Give your anxious Chiweenie a sense of security and safety. Avoid leaving your Chiweenies alone for long periods if possible.

Final Thoughts

Chiweenies often bark because they are trying to tell you something. If you can figure out the cause, you can fix the issue. Your Chiweenie’s feelings largely depend upon his environment, diet, upbringing, and how the owner treats him.

Regardless of the reasons for barking, there is always a great solution if you know where to look. Try to apply the right combination of techniques and training to help your Chiweenie learn when to keep quiet.

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