Chiweenie Life Expectancy

Chiweenies possess several traits that make them ideal dogs to raise. One of the great advantages of owning a Chiweenie is that they have a long life expectancy. 

Family genetics are what determines their lifespan. Both parents of Chiweenies, Dachshunds, and Chihuahuas have fairly long lifespans.

Chiweenies have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. This can only be so if proper care and nutrition are given to them. Their lifespan is influenced by the nutrition and care they receive. Regular vet checkups are also essential to help them hit their life expectancy.

Do Chiweenies have health problems?

Chiweenies are considered a relatively healthy cross-breed. However, they are prone to certain health issues that Dachshund and Chihuahua also face.

These common health problems that Chiweenies can contract include:


This is the most common hormone imbalance in Chiweenies. Hypothyroidism is caused by a disorder of the thyroid gland. The common symptoms of this health problem include excessive lethargy, depression, weight gain, excessive shedding, hyperpigmented skin, excessive dandruff, and dry coat. Hypothyroidism can be treated with medication and diet.

Degenerative disc disease

Degenerative disc disease affects the spine of Chiweenie and can lead to severe traumas or paralysis. Chiweenies who suffer from this disease should limit vigorous activities that put stress on the spine. 


Chiweenies are prone to a variety of allergies. These dogs may be allergic to pollens, dust, molds, certain foods, bedding, shampoos, etc. Allergies may cause excessive sneezing, rashes, redness, coughing, or difficulty in breathing. 

Hip Dysplasia

The Chiweenie can cause hindlimb lameness called hip dysplasia, an inherited cause of hindlimb lameness. Some Red Rotties show pain and lameness on one or both rear legs while others may not show any symptoms. This problem is hereditary, but can also be triggered by other reasons, like rapid growth from a high-calorie diet. 

Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow Dysplasia is a degenerative disease common to Chiweenies. This hereditary disease causes a developmental deformity of the elbows. Chiweenies with elbow dysplasia show forelimb lameness and pain.

Remember, the sooner you seek medical help, the better the outcome will be for your Chiweenies.

Is There a Difference Between Male and Female Chiweenie Lifespan?

Male Chiweenies are slightly bigger than female Chiweenies. However, gender doesn’t have any impact on their lifespan. Chiweenie sex doesn’t affect their life expectancy.

How Should You Take Care of Your Chiweenies

You can help your Chiweenie live his best life. Chiweenies’ care is beyond a few rounds of shots. It includes feeding, training, exercises, grooming, taking them for check-ups to a vet, and much more. 

You must ensure that your Chiweenie enjoys better and longer years. It may feel like a challenge but you know what? It is possible!

Consider the following tips that you can take to keep your Chiweenie healthy and happy.

  • Healthy food

If you want your Chiweenies to be healthy and energetic, you must feed them properly. Give them an ideal balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbs.  

  • Vaccination and vet visits

Regular vet visits are essential for your Chiweenies. You should keep up with your Chiweenie’s vaccines to protect them from diseases. 

  • Care for their fragile back

A Chiweenie’s back is a fragile part of their body. Make sure that your pet doesn’t need to walk stairs daily.

  • Regular grooming and careful examination

Regular grooming and careful weekly examination are essential. Always keep an eye out for early signs to spot potential problems early. 

  • Safe playtime

Chiweenies love to play and thrive on human companionship. This is a great way to develop a strong bond with them.  

  • Training and socialization

Training and socialization are essential for the well-being of your Chiweenie. A well-trained and socialized Chiweenie does not get bored and remains stress-free. 

Genetics plays a huge role in a Chiweenie’s overall health. Verify all paperwork for your Chiweenie. Request the breeder to give you the vet records for the puppy.

Final Thoughts

We all want our Chiweenies to live a long and healthy life. Your Chiweenie can live for many years if it does not have serious health problems. 

If you have further questions about Chiweenies, don’t hesitate to ask.