Chiweenie Skincare

The Chiweenie is one of the most cutest dogs that is a mix of Chihuahua and dachshund. Some would say that breeders were trying to minimize the dachshund’s back problems and this mix was the solution.

Chiweenes have attained popularity because they’re loyal, active, highly social, and fun to be around. They also do well in apartments and small household, so if you dwell in city space is not a problem. Also, they are great guard dogs because they raise an alarm quickly when someone is approaching.

Also, Chiweenies are excellent for people who like to travel because of their compact size.

Now that we have briefly learned about Chiweenies history and temperament, next we try to understand what these breeds of skincare entail. Here’s what you need to know.

Chiweenie’s Shedding

Shedding has always been a mystery when it comes to the Chiweenie’s look. This breed can have hair that ranges anywhere from short, to medium, to long but it’s generally the coat is smooth to touch. It usually depends on which genes are dominant in your pup.

This breed usually sheds seasonally which can be reduced with the help of regular skincare routines.

Chiweenie Brushing

The most important aspect of Chiweenies skincare routine is constant brushing. Routine brushing keeps your dog’s hair fresh and tangle-free while keeping his skin healthy by stimulating blood flow. This can also help in removing dead hair, and distributing natural oils.

Chiweenies are relatively low maintenance when it comes to their brushing requirements. Nevertheless, they still require a weekly brush using a bristle brush. 

  • Brushing should be done down to the skin. 
  • You can follow this up with a curry brush to remove loose fur. 
  • Start the brushing from start to back for smooth coats.
  • A small amount of detangling spray after brushing leaves the coat with a great shine.

Chiweenie’s Bath Time

Bathing a Chiweenie can become a fun and a part regular grooming cycle with the help of some perseverance and a positive attitude. This will help your dog avoid various diseases and infections.

Smooth-coated breeds like Chiweenie’s should be bathed about once every three months. The coat should end up smelling fresh, shiny, with no loose or dead hair.

  • Start the bathing process by brushing to remove mats and dead hair. 
  • Place a small rubber mat in the tub to provide a stable foothold and fill the tub with around 3 inches of lukewarm water. 
  • Use a spray hose or a plastic cup to wet the dog, while taking care not to get water in the dog’s eyes, ears, and nose.
  •  Massage in the dog shampoo, starting from the bottom to the head.
  • Quickly rinse the shampoo, beginning with the head to avoid soap from dripping into the eyes. 
  • Towel dry with a soft cloth and make sure they are completely dry after bathing.

Chiweenie’s Haircut

Clipping or trimming your Chiweenie’s coat is relatively simple than you would imagine. With the right set of clippers, trimmers, and scissors, giving your dog a haircut will be easier on your wallet as well as your schedule.

  • Chiweenies generally only require trims in areas of excessive hair growth using a clipper or a blunt scissor. 
  • Before the haircut take your Chiweenie for a short walk to calm the nerves.
  • Always remember to smooth the coat by brushing to remove tangles and mats. 
  • Also remember to trim in areas where required like around paws, pads, tail, chest, and sanitary regions.
  •  The coat should look flat and smooth when finished.

Chiweenie’s Nail Trimming

Chiweenies nail cutting is a nervous affair for the owners as most people are apprehensive about cutting into the quick. But with correct conditioning and accurate cutting, nail clipping can be a manageable and stress-free activity for you and your dog.

  • Start by providing your dog with an abundance of positive reinforcement to help correlate nail clipping with a fun experience. 
  • To begin, gently press on your Chiweenie’s paws to help him become used to the sensation of having his nails clipped. 
  • Work your way gradually to shaving down a thin portion of the nail to make sure you don’t touch the quick. 
  • After clipping one nail, reward your dog with a treat before proceeding to the next nail. 
  • Slowly increase the number of nails you clip in one sitting so that your Chiweenie gets used to the process.
  • Never trim extremely long nails down to a short nail in one sitting, because this is an excellent way to accidentally quick the dog’s nail.

Chiweenie’s Eye/Ear Cleaning

By regularly inspecting your Chiweenies eyes and ears, you can help prevent various infections that could seriously damage your dog’s health. 

  • Chiweenies have fairly sensitive ears that should be monitored weekly for infection and wiped with a cotton ball. 
  • Wipe using a cotton ball moistened with mineral oil in your dog’s ear, but be careful to avoid the ear canal. 
  • Remember to never use a Q-Tip, as your dog might suddenly jerk his head and damage the inner ear.
  • Hair growth within the ear can be trimmed with blunt scissors. Use a small trimmer to clip excess hair around the eyes and ears
  • Take special care to clean around your Chiweenie’s eyes with a cotton ball and use a small clipper to trim excess hair around their eyes to make them more comfortable. 

Chiweenies Dental Hygiene

Many Chiweenie owners don’t realize how important it is to brush their dog’s teeth regularly. Chiweenies are prone to dental issues as they have teeth that are tiny and sensitive. These issues can be easily prevented with frequent brushing.

It is rare for your Chiweenie to have cavities, but gum diseases are quite common. These are mostly caused by excess tartar buildup due to their special diets.

 That is why your beloved dog requires regular brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste formulated especially for dogs. 

You can start by brushing weekly so that you can avoid taking your dog to the vet for cleaning purposes which is usually under sedation.

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